The Lindmarks family consists of Anne and Henrik with the children: Emil 17, Ludwig 15, William 10, Hugo 8 and Hjalmar 6 years old. This Autumn we recived an additional family member in Carlphilip 8 years old who will be living with us for a while.

A few pieces of what we have been up to this past year.

Tips! Om du vill se en bild i lite större format kan du högerklicka på bilden och välja 'visa bild' Neither Anne nor Henrik has had any longer vaccation this year but we managed to squeeze in a week together in August. We got our brothers and sister with their families to accompany us to Gotland this year to attend the Medieval festival in the town of Visby. As you might know we are no sportfamily but this year handball has played a big role for us. Almost everyone in the family has been involved in the game, either as player or as a parent/coach/driver.


Halfway through his first schoolyear Hjalmar is loving it. He's having a good time and has made many new friends. Hjalmar has joined Hugo and Carlphilip at handball practice on Tuesdays and has started to get his throwingarm going real fast. Wednesdays is the music day when Hjalmar attends Ming (play with music, arranged by the musicschool) and later in the evening choirpractice with Änglakören (the Angelchoir). When Circus Wiktoria came to town Hjalmar got to ride a Camel which he found to be much easier then riding a pony in the forrests of Gotland.


Hugo is a fearless bather who demonstrates his lack of respect for heights by jumping from the diving tower 5 meters up in the air. The rest of us cowards take it more gentle with the 1-meter springboard. Together with Anne and Hjalmar, Hugo went to childrens choir week in Halmstad where he took the opportunity to go swimming in the sea with the big waves. He also visited the world af Astrid Lindgrens in Vimmerby, then together with Grandma and Grandpa. Every other Saturday has been Scoutday where one of the adventures is the climbing-wall that Daddy and uncle Urban has built on the outside of a big barn. The wall was higher than the barn itself and Hugo of course had to climb to the very top..


Carlphilip is a friend of Hugo since a couple of years and when school started this autumn he needed a place to live. Carlphilip has found his place among all the other kids and things are going great. During the autumnholiday Carlphilip got to show off his swimmingtalents when we went to Borlänge and spent an entire day in the AquaNova adventurebath. After eight hours of soaking we all looked more like molluscs than anything else.


William has found an organisation that calls itself CISV and work with bringing youth in different countries closer to eachother. Possibly William's going to Brazil this summer for five weeks if Mummy and Daddy dares to let him. Besides his drumming William has also taken up playing bass tuba in the small brass band of Västerledskyrkan with cousins Alfred and Hanna. As counterweight to all the cultural stuff William has put together a handball team and they have been playing other teams around the Uppsala region with varying results. Considering they have only played for a couple of months thay are doing just fine.


Ludwig has begun his last year at the school in Örundsbro and as for next year when he will be at senior high school he is thinking about some kind of technical program. Its too bad that Ludwig has his birthday in October because when he got his moped there were almost too little time before winter to drive. When spring comes he will be driving like crazy (in a responsible and mature way of course...). While waiting for that to happen Ludwig has been driving Oatmopeds during school activities (Horses!). Once a week Ludwig has been to the stable in Säva and riding the horses Gangster, Sköld (shield) and Bimlis Valixid (dont know where that name came from, I suspect horse owners are a different breed). One week of the summer he went with a group from church to France and the monastery of Taize.


Emil is on his second year in senior high school and apart from schoolwork he has got himself a job that generates loads of money. Mom and Dad thinks it is a splendid way of getting experience and to show responsibility for the future. Besides he has now gained the fortitude to clean his own room in under three days. Emil also contributes to equalize the imbalance in boys to girls ratio at home since his girlfriend is moving in with us soon.


Finally the goal is reached! Every bit of education so far has been a journey towards becoming a midwife. The graduation party almost washed out becouse of bad wether but after two big tents were rigged up it became a fun party with games, singing, cake contest and fireshow. As one who has just passed her examination Anne rules with an ironfist over the poor hapless souls that in her presence dare express pain when the expulsion stage hasn't even begun. (at least that's what Henrik thinks his wife does at work, just like home...). The work at the delivery clinic is incredibly rewarding and Anne enjoys it but it can also be nervous like when you have to run to the operation with a patient who need an acute Caesarean section. Graduationpictures.


Henrik had the good fortune to transport a patient to the delivery clinic one night with his ambulance and there meet his wife who worked the same night. A more lazy staff is hard to imagine, they just sat in front of the TV and drank coffee. (Other nights we have 11 deliveries - Annes remark). Henrik och his brother Richard kidnapped their father Bertil when he was going to be 70 and headed for a secret place up north. After a long journey by car they ended up on Andøy in the north of Norway where they went on a Whalesafari. The sperm whales are hefty animals and it was grandiose to see the enormous tail fin raise up in the air when they started their dive straight down to 800 meters depth. Unfortunately Henrik became seasick when they were on their way back to shore and hardly thought he would survive until he could feel solid ground under him again. More pictures from the trip.


Pictures from 2009.


We hope that you stop by us if you happen to be in the neighborhood and if you are from far away we can accomodate you (even if it means the children have to sleep in a tent in the garden when it's -20 celsius )

This year we managed to bring some more people with us to Gotland.

lindmark vid muren i Visby
The Family by the ring-wall surrounding the city of Visby.

We wish you a good 2010